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In an effort to support local businesses, we carry many microbrews from popular local breweries in South Carolina as well as North Carolina and Georgia. We also have hundreds of different types of craft beers from all over the world and we will be more than happy to order what we do not have on our shelves.

Thomas Creek Brewery

Thomas Creek is a microbrewery situated in Greenville, SC. This local brewery uses the finest American barley, hops, and yeast to create 8 microbrews as well as seasonals ranging from ales to lagers. We currently carry River Falls Red Ale, Up The Creek Extreme IPA, Class Five IPA, and Octoberfest Lager.

SweetWater Brewing Co.

SweetWater Brewing Company is situated in Atlanta, GA. After patiently waiting months for this microbrew it is finally here! We carry the following brews: Blue, IPA, 420 Extra Pale Ale. We carry 6-pack bottles and kegs can be ordered upon request.

Build your own 6-pack

Don't know what you want? Well, you are more than welcome to sample our huge beer collection by building your own 6-pack or buying individual bottles or cans.

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